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Tin Foil Dinner Recipes for the oven, grill or campfire

 See these over 20 tin foil dinner recipes to make hobo foil packets in your oven, grill or campfire. These tin foil dinners are simply amazingly easy and so delicious.  And we are sure you and your family will love them. 

Over 20 tin foil dinner recipes to make hobo foil packets in your oven. These tin foil dinners are simply amazingly easy and so delicious.

These tin foil dinner recipes are even better than the one pot dinners or sheet pan dinner recipes that we all love.  Why you ask?  Because you don’t even have to wash one pot!   Yep!   These are not just for camping, you could easily have any weeknight dinner on the table with a minimum amount of dishes to wash. 

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Hobo foil packets:

These easy dinner ideas were known as hobo foil packets when I was a kid and we loved them.  They were easy and you never need much to make one.   We had several easy hobo dinner foil pack recipes and we all created and constructed our own.  So this is a great idea to get the little ones involved in preparing their own food.  It will give the children a chance to make choices about their own tin foil packets for dinner.   

Plus for us empty nesters, it a great way to only make dinner for two without having to deal with leftovers. And again should I say these tin foil dinners make clean up a breeze! 


How to fold a tin pouch or packet:

  • Use heavy duty aluminum foil and tear off a sheet that will enclose the food ingredients, usually a 18 x 12 inch will work.
  • Spray the aluminum foil with a cooking spray. 
  • Place the food ingredients in the center of the foil. 
  • Then fold up two sides until they meet on top of the ingredients. 
  • Fold the sides over about an inch and them  keeping them together roll down until they lay flat and snug over the food and creates a seal.   
  • To seal up the remaining sides, fold each side into a triangle and roll up to seal each end of the packet. 


Why Cook with Tin Foil Packets

  • First the obvious one, no pots or pans to wash.  Simply roll up the used foil and throw it away after the meal.
  • Second, if you are cooking with foil you can always peek inside to check doneness and return it to the heat source if needed. 
  •  Third a foil packet is sealed so the steam produced stays inside and allows food to retain moisture and flavor.  
  • Fourth, these are so versatile they can be cooked in the oven, on the grill or over a campfire.   
  • And many of them can be made ahead of time to be ready to place in oven
  • Individual packets could be made so each person could create and cook their own favorite ingredients.  Satisfies everyones likes and dislikes. 


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Tin Foil Dinner Recipes

These tin foil dinners are simply amazingly easy and so delicious and are sure to please the palates of young and old.

What was your favorite tin foil dinner recipe or  hobo dinner foil pack recipe?