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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Kitchen Grater Owl

I saw a sweet little Grater Owl either on Facebook or Pinterest (I can't remember which one) but unfortunately I discovered the picture didn't have a link to a site.   I know you have been there, you see something you love on Pinterest or Facebook but no link to anything and it goes nowhere, just a dead pin.    So frustrating!   

So my hubby and I recreated our own version of a Grater Owl and wrote out all the instructions for you!   But remember there are probably many variations of this little owl, so feel free to let the creative juices flow and change or adapt all or any of these steps! 

 We found the vintage (old) grater in an antique shop for less than $7 and a few springs that were priced at 4 for $1.   Everything else we found around the house so this was a fun and inexpensive project that looks adorable in my kitchen or even in my garden! 

Here's how we made our owl from this old cheese grater (shown above)   

Supplies Needed:

1 antique cheese grater, old or even new
2 baby food jar lids
2 bottle caps
Silver spray paint
2 Black buttons that are almost as large as the bottle caps
Small spring (to be cut for feet) 
Small twig that fits inside of the springs (feet) 
Piece of gold colored soft metal, aluminum (Spam can, snuff lid, some beverage cans)
Wire to attach eyes (small enough to fit thru the holes of the buttons


1.   Gather together baby food jars and bottle caps.  Remove the lids from the jars.  (save jars for another project) 

2. Drill two small holes in top of baby food lids and bottle caps to correspond with the holes in the buttons.      Spray the top and bottom of the baby food lids with the silver spray paint , set aside to allow to dry completely.

3.   Cut the gold metal aluminum (soft metal) into a "V" with the arms extended enough to "catch" the wire from the eyes.  Place in desired location and drill holes thru the gold metal into the grater.   These holes should correspond with one of the holes for each eye.    Drill a second hole for each eye just to the outside of these first holes. (to correspond with the holes of the buttons and lids)

4.  Cut a 3" piece of wire and bend into a "U".   Thread both ends of the wire thru the holes of the button and add the bottle cap lid and then the baby food lid to make the eyes.   Thread the ends of the wires thru the holes drilled on the grater, making sure to catch the gold colored nose.  Twist wire ends together on the inside of the grater to secure the eye assembly.  

5.   Repeat for second eye

6.  Using needle nose pliers, bend the handle of the grater into a owl head shape with the tuffs of ears on each side.  
    Note: When choosing your grater, check the handle, some are less pliable than others and choose one that will be easier to shape.


7.  We had found a few old rusty springs in the same antique shop where we found the graters, so a couple quick cuts leaving about three rolls of the spring for each foot.   

8. Roll the little spring feet into one of the holes of the grater on each side and carefully slide a twig through the springs securing them to the grater.  The twig actually secures the spring feet by putting pressure on them to twist them horizontally.  

8.    Then start all over and make another one!   Because we made this one for our Mom and I loved him so much, we had to make another one for our kitchen. Or should I put him in the garden?  

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  1. So creative and absolutely adorable!

  2. Adorable! I never would have thought of this!

  3. Very cute! And I'm pinning so I have the instructions when I find my cheese grater. I think I'd put mine in the garden....but then again it would be perfect in the kitchen. Ok, maybe I'll make two!

  4. Love this, so cute. I love owls. I made one similar using a large oval wood piece. It turned out pretty cute.

  5. My daughter created one and it turned out adorable. She added wings by using 2 vintage pierced pie servers by bending the handles over the top sides and ta-da, instant owl wings! We used E6000 to glue the eyes but I like your idea better.

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  7. I'm the Editor of Fun Family Crafts and wanted to let you know that we have featured your ADORABLE owl project! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid-friendly craft tutorials, we'd love for you to submit them. Thanks for a great project idea!


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