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Decorating for Fall on a budget using DIY Fall Decor

We are sharing tips for decorating for Fall on a budget with things you have on hand.  And sharing some DIY Fall Decor ideas plus tips about purchasing inexpensive Harvest decor that can be used for years to come.


decorating for Fall on a budget


The fall months are upon us. The leaves are starting to change color and the air is a little cooler. For many, with autumn, comes the desire to refresh their homes to suit the season.


decorating for Fall on a budge


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This means adding little touches to create a warmer, cozier environment than your minimalist summer living. While entirely redecorating your home can get pricey, doing a fall refresh doesn’t have to be expensive.  They are so many ways to have a beautiful home while decorating for Fall on a budget.   



There is just something magical, cozy and warm when it comes to thinking about the fall months. It most likely has a lot to do with the crisp air and warm color palette the great outdoors provides. Refreshing your home to suit the season can bring a little of that warmth and comfort indoors, even if you decorating for fall on a budget.


Decorating for Fall on a budget and other Fall decorating Tips

There are several budget fall decorating tips to save you money, allowing you to cozy up your home without breaking the bank.


Decorating for Fall on a budget, DIY Fall Decor


When it comes to budget fall decorating tips, there are many different harvest decor ideas that you can put to use. It is important that you get creative with things you have on hand and only purchase inexpensive items that can be used for years to come.


decorating for Fall on a budget


Rely on Nature:   Go on a nature walk and collect fall items from the great outdoors. Fresh fallen leaves, pinecones, and a few branches cut from a tree can make for a beautiful centerpiece or even shelf décor.



In fact, next time you are at the grocery store grab some inexpensive apples, pumpkins, and other squash to decorate your home. Using nature is a great way to refresh your home for the fall months.



Add Candles around or in the center of your harvest decor.    For safety, place candles in holders to separate them from your display such as this copper pot seen above.   Or little fall colored votive candles to add light or fragrance.  This will provide warm lighting for the season.



Cinnamon sticks are another item that you may have on hand in your pantry. Even if you do not have them at home, they are very inexpensive to purchase at your local grocery store. The smell of cinnamon is an iconic part of fall and can actually look pretty too. Also. you could dehydrate orange or apple slices to add a unique touch.   Use them in your centerpiece as decoration, or use twine to secure them around your candles.


White Pumpkins

White pumpkins add a classy look to your Fall table or porch.  Sometimes white pumpkins are more expensive so a little white paint and presto, white pumpkins.  Giving a chalked appearance to candle sticks or pots also creates a classier look.  This can be accomplished by brushing on a thin layer of white paint. 



You can also add cinnamon sticks, dried apple or orange slices, and some nutmeg into some water and heat it on the stove to create your own inexpensive and delicious fall scent.

DIY Fall Decor, fall leaves and acorns and stuffed pumpkins

If you feel as though you have to purchase some cute and affordable fall décor, shop at your local thrift or bargain store.  You will be surprised at how many incredible fall harvest decor pieces these stores carry.  Whether you opt for artificial leaves, fake pumpkins, vases, or silk flowers you will be glad you are decorating for Fall on a budget.   You are sure to find something that suits your budget fall decorating needs.



Also, purchase plaid or fall colored blankets or scarfs and drape them on the couch, over the back of chairs, at the end of your bed.  Place them anywhere else people will want to cozy up or you might wish to use ones you already have.   This will provide a warm and comforting environment conducive to the season. This is a very inexpensive way to refresh your home for fall. It utilizes items you already have at home and can actually change the way your space feels in a big way.


Harvest decor


DIY Fall Decor

DIY Fall Decor is pretty easy with these tips.   For instance years ago, I painted so many of these little acorns. I bought plain wood acorns and blended a couple of craft paints then followed up with a clear coat.   They have lasted forever and I can’t image Halloween or Thanksgiving without them.  When my son was little, he would turn them over and spin them like little tops.   Yep, spinning acorns all over the table!

DIY Fall Decor, Mason jars filled with fall decor


Fill tall glasses or  Mason jars with pillar candles surrounded by acorns, coffee beans or even candy corn. This will create a beautiful display for any table or shelf. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the candles when they are lit, you do not want them to burn down past the filler you used.  It’s never a good idea to have candles near dried fall leaves.

Diy Fall Decor
Easily make this Cute Pumpkin Face Witch from inexpensive Dollar Tree items.   We hung ours on the barb wire wreaths on the front gate for cheerier Halloween Decor.  
DIY Fall Decor, Front door with a spray of Fall leaves
 Tie a couple of sprays of Fall Leaves together and tie it with a fall color ribbon or burlap ribbon and add a few Dollar Store Acorns.  Hang it on your front door, so easy, quick  and a great way decorating for Fall on a budget .  
Harvest decor, decorating for Fall on a budge


Search your pantry for seeds, beans, corn etc for a Fall Candle Vase.  You could make several with different fall colors, shapes and different harvest decor tied on the outside of the vase. 


decorating on a budget, diy fall decor


Either buy or cut out metal pumpkin shapes and add raffia or fall ribbons.  You could also stencil on letters such as “Happy Fall Y’all.  These could be placed in any of your fall arrangements or hug on a plank of wood or just by themselves.  


Decorating for Fall on a budget

There are numerous easy ways to decorate your home for Fall.  Simple tricks that will make your home comfy and gorgeous.  I never really decorate only for Fall.  I usually start with Halloween decorations and then they are revised into a Thanksgiving theme.  

DIY Fall Decor, harvest decor


When it comes to decorating for Fall on a budget, just remember to rely on nature.   Use blankets, add candles, utilize cinnamon sticks for your DIY Fall decor.   Visit your local dollar store or bargain store and look for inexpensive items.  In no time, your home will be ready for the fall months without breaking the bank.

 Happy Fall Y’all

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Amanda Bonser

Sunday 25th of October 2015

I love the candle holder with the corn and beans. That's a great idea and one I'm going to take with me. I just got some corn the other day. Thank you.