My Turn for us: Life of Jesus Bracelet
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life of Jesus Bracelet

This Life of Jesus Bracelet tells the story of the events of the life of Jesus Christ using different colors and shapes of beads. 

I just knew I had to make one and share it for Easter.

Story of the Life of Jesus

One night there was a bright star
Which guided three men
Who were the three wise men
To the birth of Jesus
Who later in life became a carpenter
And a fisher of men and souls.
He had twelve apostles
who spread the Word of Christ.
But on one black day of hatred, envy & death
He was crucified.
He shed His blood for us
to purify & save us.
He rose and is now in Heaven
seated with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
And He did all this because of His great love for us.


1-star bead: one bright star
3-sparkle beads: which guided three men
3-square beads:  who were the three wise men
1-crystal bead:  to the birth of Jesus
1-wooden bead: became a carpenter
1-fish shaped bead:  fisher of men and souls
12-disc beads:  twelve apostles
1-globe bead:  world of Christ
3-black beads:  black day of hatred, envy and dealth
1-cross bead:  He was crucified
1-red bead:  He shed his blood for us
1-pearl bead: to purify 
1-crystal bead: and save us
1-dove shaped bead:  He rose 
1-heart shaped bead: His great love for us 
1-set of toggle clasps
 bead  stringing wire- (7 strand .018 in)
18 crimp beads

1.   Line the beads up in the proper order in a bead tray.  
2.   Start by adding the bar of the toggle clasp, next add the star bead.
3.   Continue stringing the beads in the order adding a crimp bead between each "part" of the story.  
4.    Finish by adding the circle part of the toggle clasp.  

  (for all you non-beaders, there are numerous videos and instructions on the internet for the proper way to add a toggle clasp that are excellent))

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