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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Shoot

We have been trying to get together and just target practice for the last month but with the Holidays, we have been unable to accomplish this.  Finally everything fell into place on Sunday.  My Fellow and I loaded my expedition with numerous firearms and lots of ammo.  I packed hamburger fixings and we grabbed the gas grill and headed out.  We stopped in town and picked up my son and his lovely lady and after making a couple stops for forgotten items (one a return to their home to pick up a gun belt with ammo) we arrived at the range.  The shooting range is out of town and has numerous areas to safely    practice with any and all firearms. We found the perfect location and started killing paper targets and clay pigeons.  My son's lady had never shot most of the weapons but was excited and eager to learn. 

My son and I having a shoot off with 12 gauges and clay pigeons.   I love my new pink cap!

Jessica loving a scope on a good rifle!

My son coaching Jessica while my Fellow and I were cooking burgers.   Oh Yes, it was getting colder by the minute.

A cold front moved in just about the time the burgers were done and we had an awesome picnic lunch in my truck.   Rain and freezing wind but it was snug and fun inside the truck with the heater running. I do believe those were the "Best Burgers Ever".

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