My Turn for us: Grown Up Children
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grown Up Children

When I wrote the title on this post I was speaking of My Fellow and I, not our offspring.   
Our goal of living in an RV and traveling around the country is similar to a childish dream but since we are grown ups, we can make it happen.  
How funny that an important part of our little mobile Ponderosa includes our ATV's.  My fellow has been working hard on extending the bed of our Big Truck in order to carry our ATV's everywhere we go.  
We lean toward our four wheelers more than motorcycles because, they are safer,  we are able to carry supplies and loads and we love going off road and getting away from it all.   
But that involves a little bit more of an challenge to transport our ATV's but he has solved it.

He designed and built the bed of the Big Truck for both ATV's to fit side by side.  It is also the exact width for a Smart Car which may be in our future.
 Some trips we will be visiting cities and the Smart Car will be more practical.                                                                                                            

 But of course he is smart, we are number one, always safe.  In our younger days, he would have rode the ATV up on the truck, ignoring the fact there are no side rails and the possiblity of driving over the side and having a very heavy ATV fall on you.  
Knowledge does come with age and he now walks the ATV up the ramps, just giving it enough gas to climb.  
 This is how we will look traveling down the road. But of course our fifth wheel will be on the back. He does have some additional work on the sides of the truck.  But this is such a great step towards our goal being "on the road"!