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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Witch Barb Wire Wreath

I am sure my kids would all agree on the extent that I love holidays!  I have always said it's special only if you make it special otherwise it's just another day.   So I look forward to a new holiday each month, pulling out all my little decorations and placing them here and there.  But each holiday, I aways wish to do just one more thing, one more decoration or one more craft.  (Please don't ask my kids about the infamous yearly "Christmas Crafts", Oh NO we will not go there with that bunch) 
Anyways one of my friends shared a cute craft idea for a pumpkin from a straw paper plate holder on Facebook and I jumped at this easy idea.  This would be this years Halloween Craft! 

And I decided to go to my local dollar store for the straw paper plate holders since I threw my old ones out years ago. See don't do that, don't throw anything away that you might need in the future, ha!   Anyway while at the dollar store I saw these cute little witches hats and they were the perfect size for the plates, Awesome!     I also ran into my friend who was smarter than I and had saved her straw paper plate holders and gladly offered me a couple.  
So this craft was rocking so far, I was out only a couple dollar store witches hats, price is totally looking great!  

I did have to buy a can of orange spray paint but I know I will use that again. I spray painted both sides of the straw paper plate holders and after they dried, I used a FAT sharpie to draw a pumpkin face.  I attached the hats to the plates with a needle and thread, just tacking here and there to hold it on a cocky angle.     I had a couple sprays of BRIGHT fall leaves that I had picked up on sale at our local craft store and with my hubby's help we went down to the front Ranch gates and attached these sweet pumpkin head witches on the barb wire wreaths that hang permanently on our Ranch gates.  

These Pumpkin witches could be hung by themselves or on any wreath!  So fun!  

Have a happy and scary fun Halloween from our Ranch Gates to yours!!

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