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Monday, December 5, 2016

How to make a Christmas Wine Cork Wreath today

This is our favorite Christmas Wreath we have ever made, it beats all of our Christmas Wreath Ideas so far.   So if you are looking for ways to use wine corks in a wine cork craft,  this is a gorgeous wine cork wreath that's easy.  

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Wine Cork Wreath for Christmas
Do you save wine corks but not sure exactly what you wish to do with them?
We have a wine cork collector/holder on the bar, and it has filled up several times over the years and I haven't had the heart to throw them away. 

 I would dump them in a collection box in my craft room awaiting some great project.  

We have been saving wine corks like this for years and the collection has grown and grown. 

Well, the great project has finally arrived, this Christmas Wine Cork Wreath is exactly what all those corks have been waiting on. 

But whether you have been saving wine corks or not, this project will be a great addition to your holiday decorating and wine corks can always be purchased.    

Materials Needed:

1.  Styrofoam wreath (size depends on amount of corks you have)

2.  Assorted Wine Corks  (Let me tell you a little secret, even if you don't have a "stash" of used corks, you can purchase them from Amazon!  (Click for wine corks)

3.  Christmas Floral Greenery and Cranberries

4.  Hot glue gun

We had corks in our stash that were sorta plain and not as pretty and since we need at least two layers, we started with the plain corks.

Set aside some of the most unusual or interesting corks and save them for the top layer of the wreath.  

Apply hot glue to the back of each plainer cork or those you decided to be on the first layer and place it to cover as much of the foam wreath as possible in a haphazard fashion.     

After the wreath is covered with corks, start a second layer, gluing the prettier corks or your favorite winery's corks in a haphazard fashion covering the first layer of corks. 

If you are not lucky enough to find the perfect arrangement of greenery, the sprigs can be cut apart then glued together in an arrangement of your choosing.  We added some of the same cranberries in our floral arrangement as we would be placing around the wreath. 

Hot glue the completed greenery arrangement to the top of the wreath or if you wish to the bottom or sides.  

Cut the cranberry sprays into small bunches or glue bunches together and place them around the wreath and hot glue them. 

Hot glue a hanger on the back to hang it on your door.  This Christmas wine cork wreath would also look beautiful in a foyer or on an inside wall. 

** Also, just a tip, do not let these corks get wet, this wreath is not to be hung out in the weather.

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  1. I just love this project. I've always wanted to make one but never had the time. I do have yeaaarrrrs worth of corks so I might just give this a go for next year. It's beautiful! Pinning/sharing.


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