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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Mistletoe in Texas

I was working around the ranch and noticed the mistletoe was loaded with the most gorgeous white berries!
Since the last freeze all the leaves are gone from the mesquite trees and the mistletoe is thriving!

This tree with loads of mistletoe is right outside my back door and you have to walk under this to get to the patio area! 
 I call it the Kissing Tree!

This is just gorgeous to me!!

Loving life in Texas!


  1. I remembered something about mistletoe and went to search and found out it grows as a parasite on trees. From what I read it can sap the life out of the host. But then what would we do with out it for that kissing moment.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. What part of Texas are you in? We are in San Antonio and I just found some I thought looked like mistletoe but without berries. It looks just like the one you found, full of those little green buds. Maybe its just not cold enough here yet for it to have berries?

    1. We are northwest of Abilene Texas and you are right, the berries are not here yet. I think it's a certain time of the year they come out.


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