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Monday, July 25, 2016

DIY Mini Fish Aquarium

My friend and I volunteered to be in charge of crafts at Vacation Bible School at our little Church.  The theme this year is under the sea so we racked our brains to come up with children's crafts that had to do with fish!   This is one little craft I have been seeing on Pinterest and I just loved the idea except most of the little aquariums were in mason jars.  I was concerned about handing children a glass jar, I didn't see a happy ending with that idea.   So I combed our little craft store and found a perfect little plastic bottle that little hands could hold and was unbreakable.    This DIY Mini Fish Aquarium is a easy little craft that children can make and love and the fish never needs feeding!  

Sweet little fishes!!  Except the shark, not sure about the shark!  But I bet he will be adopted and loved!  

Ingredients needed:

2 lb Fishing Line
Plastic bottles with screw-on lids
Colored gravel
Blue Food Coloring
Plastic plants
Plastic fishes


1. Use a funnel and pour gravel in jar
2. Add plastic plants
3. Tie the fish of your choice with enough of the fishing line to hold the fish at a desirable level.     (By using the 2 lb line, the line will almost completely disappear in the bowl)
4.  Add one drop of blue food coloring in 2 cups of water, fill jar with the blued water
5.  Place fish in bowl using the fishing line, screw on lid
6.  Tie remaining fishing line to the top of jar, hiding under the lid, cut off extra line.

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  1. Oh my!! This is so adorable. Every little kid would sure love this. Thank you for sharing.


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