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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Housewarming Gifts from Personal Creations

January is a great month for do-overs.  We make resolutions where we try to correct our behavior and we clear out, clean out and organize our home.   When the Christmas decorations come down, I always feel like I have a fresh new slate to start the year and I try to make the most of it!
  I love this brand new do-over time!
This year I really do have a brand new slate, since we just built our retirement home on our Ranchito in Texas.  I am a decorating madwoman and I am online clicking and pinning!!   I love shopping in my Pajamas!!   One site I have found that has appealed to me is Housewarming Gifts at Personal Creations.   They have just the coolest items and so many choices of personalized gifts!   It's OK if I buy my own housewarming gifts, that way I always get exactly what I want!   I have pulled together just a few of my favorites to share with you! 
 It's a New Year, New Style With Personal Creations and I am glad to be a part of it!

My very favorite you ask?? 
  The casserole dish on top second from the left, of course!   Just too funny!  Here is the direct link to it if you can't quite make it out in the photo:))) Click Here!
 Hope my home is always filled with love and loads of laughter and yours also!!

Now hop over see what you can find at Personal Creations!

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  1. I like your picks! I think my favorite would have to be the cute recipe box. =0)
    Visiting today from Grab a Friend (I'm a long time follower, though).


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