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Over 40 “Fun in the Sun” Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails and all drinks cool are a necessity for having Fun in the Sun.   Whether you are on the beach, poolside or on your patio, these summer beverages will quest that thirst.

summer cocktails



With summertime approaching or already in your part of the world, we know you are looking for some great festive summer drinks and cocktail recipes.     Whether it’s fruity or bubbly or colorful, summer cocktails should make a sunny day extra special. 

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 You could use drink umbrellas, umbrella strawsCocktail skewers for fruit, or festive shaped ice cubes using this Sea Shell Ice Cube or this flip-flop ice or a margarita machine to make your summer cocktails and drinks even more fun and festive.

Now is the time to shop for a patio bar or set up a rolling cart as a drink station.   You could also stock up on unbreakable beverage glasses and beverage servers or a Thermal Beverage Dispenser to keep those drinks cool.      One of our favorite wine glasses is similar to a sippy cup so it can be closed to protect the cocktail from the summer environment.

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Now we hope you enjoy your summer and have some fun with these summer cocktails!


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Summer Cocktails that will cool you off

Great festive summer drinks and cocktail recipes that are fruity or bubbly or colorful, these summer cocktails should make a sunny day extra special.