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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How I Lost 20 lbs in 3 months-Agua Jogging

This is part 5 of a series,
How I Lost 20 lbs in 3 months

Cardiovascular exercise or as we call it, Cardio, is described as any exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs. 
    Cardio is almost as dreaded as that other bad word I spoke of last week, "Exercise"!   We must include cardio in our exercise plan aka training program to be healthier and there are so many ways to achieve a great cardio workout.   

Benefits of a Cardio Workout
1. Increases metabolism
2.  Aids in weight loss
3. Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health
4.  Helps manage insulin levels
5. Reduces risk of osteoporosis 
6. Lowers stress levels

To reap these benefits your cardio workout must be sustained for  20 to 30 minutes, 3 times a week.  The activity must be strenuous enough to achieve your "training heart rate".   You can use this formula to learn your target training heart rate:  take 220 minus your age, then calculate 70% of that number, and that is your training heart-rate.
  Halfway through your workout, take your pulse for six seconds, add zero to that number and compare it to your target training heart rate number.   Adjust your workout to maintain as close as possible to your target training heart rate.   You could also just buy a monitor or use the old talk test.  
  If you are too winded to talk, you are overdoing it and need to slow down a little and if it's just too easy to speak, kick it up a notch:))   Personally I like the talk test, the whole formula idea is just too generic for everyone.  We are all different and are at different levels of fitness.   I believe in keeping the control in my hands, I know when I am slacking and when I am achieving a great cardio workout.  So I just work very hard and listen to my body:)

As we all know there are so many different cardio workouts, I grew up in the seventies where everyone was "Getting Physical" with Aerobics.  I learned I needed better coordination, my attempts looked like I was either trying to stop a freight train or my feet were standing on hot coals.   It was kinda scary! My apologies go to my sweet sister-in-law who braved these sessions with me and after almost 34 years have never said anything to me.  Ha!
   I also went through a running phase but after completing the Sheriff's Academy, I was run completely out!  And who didn't Rock with the Oldies with Richard Simmons???  Again that coordination thingy upstaged it!   So that left bicycling and swimming for me.   I live in the country and there are no sidewalks nor bicycle trails close by.  I am not brave enough to ride these rural roads, remember I am doing this for my health:))  But I do fall back on a stationary bike occasionally but riding a bike that goes nowhere day after day is boring so I need to shake it up often.  I am not a strong swimmer and deep water kinda turns me into a scared chicken:  So I am finally getting to the point:))

I am Aqua Jogging!
This is very new to me but it is totally awesome and I look forward to each and every workout!  Hopefully I can make a long story short.   I injured my already weak knees a couple months ago and the doctor sent me to aqua therapy.  The physical therapist made it a goal to increase the muscle around my knees to take the burden off my knees thus protecting the joint.  I go three times a week to their therapy pool which stays at 90 degrees and Agua Jog:))

I love the feeling of freedom of Aqua Jogging, it makes me feel like that little girl that could run forever and not feel the impact. My aches go away and I am loving the way my legs are looking:))  (not 20 year old legs yet but I am still working on them, LOL. But seriously I would rather have those 20 year old knees:)) 

Besides the Agua Jogging there are several other great exercises I do in the water that involve 5 lbs weights on each ankle and a flotation device such as a noodle.  I know, here is the place I must tell everyone to be safe in the water.  So be safe in the water!!  :)))    The therapist would place 5 lb ankle weights on me and have me just hang in the deep end (deep enough my feet don't touch the bottom).  They call it unloading!  So go "unload", it feels great and is not only physically therapeutic but also mentally therapeutic.  So good for the body and soul!  Then I do scissor kicks for 10 minutes, splits for 10 minutes and then bicycles for 10 minutes with the weights.  Its amazing just how good of a workout you can obtain in the water and for us battered body peeps, it is a godsend.   I am obtaining a great cardio workout without irritating my already irritated body parts.  My knee is doing so much better and I can resume my lovely walks through the pecan orchards with my sweetie!!    I am not longer in therapy but I have a "Wellness" membership at this location so I can continue to strengthen my knees and obtain a great cardio workout:)))

Find something you love that loves you and get healthy!

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  1. CONGRATS on your weight loss! We're just getting our pool ready for the Summer. After seeing this post I'm excited to do more in it than just lay on a floating chaise with a lemonade! ;) Thanks for the idea and inspiration!! Pinned! ... Have a great week, Evelyn! :)

  2. That looks fun! I wish I wasn't allergic to chlorine.

  3. congrats on your weight loss and how fun I never thought of aqua jogging and I love pool work outs!! I will have to try it next time

  4. What a great idea.....I should have thought about some sort of water exercise for me, due to a bad ankle/foot.

    Thanks for sharing on our Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop.
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

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  6. This is so important to realize that you can get physically fit without injury! Love it. Thanks so much for linking this on our Brag About It! Glad to see you and look forward to you sharing more of your great ideas and info! Sharon and Denise BeBetsy
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  7. Hi Evelyn, I just watched your video and I think this is a great idea for injuries or for someone that has arthritis and I want to look into this for me. Congratulations on your weight loss success. It is not an easy task to undertake, I have met this challenge as well and know how hard it is to remain focused and keep your eye on the goal, bravo!! Keep up the good work!!

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    Have a great week!
    Oh My Heatsie Reviews

  8. Finding something you enjoy makes all the difference, doesn't it?? Congratulations on the weight loss and on finding a fitness routine you like to do!

  9. Never heard of aqua jogging for weight loss, but sounds like it works! My Mom used the pool for physical therapy after her stroke. It made her exercising easy. I love to swim, so aqua jogging would fit right in my regimen.

  10. Congratulations on your weight loss! Love aqua jogging - and any exercise in the water. I had several years of physical therapy following an auto accident (a long time ago) and I always made more progress with water therapy! It's fun and great for getting healthy overall too! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!

  11. Thanks so much for this. I really appreciated the heart rate info. I have been on the healthy life track for about a year now. I use an elliptical machine and weights for my workout but I think it doesn't matter what we choose just that we get moving. Yay for you on your amazing progress. I will be featuring you this week on BeColorful.

  12. Go girl, go! You continue to do an amazing job of motivating and educating all of us!

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  14. I need to get in the routine of Cardio. I always weight lift but Cardio I have heard is great for my belly area. Thanks for the tip! I need to check out aqua jogging!

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  15. I am so inspired by you and I absolutely love that you have been an open book with your journey to better health! I am pinning this post too ..... Brian wants to put a pool in next year and I love that this is a low impact exercise on your joints! I may be needing this in the future :) Thanks so much for sharing at last week's All My Bloggy Friends! I can't wait to see what you share this week :)

  16. I am so inspired by what you have done. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Blog Hop 55. We can't wait to see what you have for us this week. This weeks party is live.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  17. That is great! Keep up the good work! Aqua jogging looks fun! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday

  18. So inspring! Congrats!

    Create With Joy

  19. First of all, I would like to give thanks for sharing your experiences. Your post really inspire us to start act on weight loss .


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