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Friday, November 25, 2016

How to make 25 Christmas Decorations and Unique Christmas Ornaments

This collection of Homemade Christmas Decorations and Unique Christmas Ornaments is designed to get all of us into the Christmas spirit, it has everything from cute ornaments to gorgeous wreaths to table ideas! 
 We know you like Christmas Arts and Crafts or you wouldn't be here today so grab you Christmas Craft Supplies and lets get to crafting.   

Handmade Christmas Decorations and Unique Christmas Ornaments

When do you get into the Christmas Spirit?
 Is it right after Thanksgiving or do you have your tree and lights up before you eat that Turkey?

Or do you need to get into the world of Christmas crafts before you hear those Christmas sleigh bells?

When my kids were in college and would return home for the holidays, we would get into the Christmas spirit by having a few Christmas Crafts planned.     Sometimes I would rock the planning of the craft and other times not so much.   I know they looked forward to the Christmas crafts but since it was usually a hit and miss situation, they were always a little wary. 

One Christmas I had the infamous "glitter pears"!     Oh, the poor glitter pears!     
Yes,  my kids are still laughing and groaning about those, it still brings tears of laughter to their eyes when they get together, re-telling and re-telling the "Glitter Pear" story.    

I guess, I really didn't think it through.    I knew how I wanted the finished glitter pears to look but  I really didn't work out the steps of the craft itself.   It was an easy craft, so I thought, just spray the plastic pears with spray glue, throw on some glitter and let dry.  Done! 
  And they would be so "gorgeous" for years to come, at least that was the plan. 

Ok, to make a long story short and not to send my children off rolling in laughter again.  I had planned to hang the completed pears, clothes pinned outside on a tree limb to dry.   As the children were hanging the wet pears in the tree, the pins would slip and the wet pears kept falling into the dry grass and dirt.   The kids would scramble around to dust them off and hang them back up.   It happened time after time again which sent them off into peals of laughter.    

But when the poor pears finally dried, they were covered with a combination of dry grass, dirt, and very little glitter.   And the children were cracking jokes about how "GORGEOUS" they were.  Those Nasty  Nasty children!    Don't tell them, but I still laugh about it also, because I was quite entertained watching them. 

But this goes to prove, even if a Christmas craft fails, it still makes fun and lasting memories for children (even nasty grown children).  

Christmas Decorations and Unique Christmas Ornaments

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  1. As much of a disaster as those Glitter Pears were, they may have been the most fun craft that left the longest lasting memories Mom. At least a couple times the pears had dropped because we were laughing too hard at trying to get dirt off the wet glue to be able to pin them properly! Can't wait to try some of these crafts!


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