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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love for Lilies

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What girl doesn't love to receive beautiful arrangements of flowers!  I love bouquets on my birthday, anniversary, Mother's day or just because someone special is thinking of me.    Roses are great but it's a very special day when I receive an unique bouquet of lilies, and especially if they are paired with these gorgeous gladiolus  and irises.   Just look at all the brilliant color, how could that not just brighten any day!    

 When I see Calia Lilies I always think of my daughters wedding.  She choose to carry these pure white calia lilies for more reasons than just their sweet beauty.  She learned that even if they appear very delicate, they have long lasting blooms and very durable stems. 

Wouldn't you just love to have one of these gorgeous flower arrangements to brightened your home?   You really don't have to wait for someone else to send you a gorgeous flower arrangement.  You can purchase potted bulbs at grocery stores, garden centers and at  flower shops.    There are so many special occasions to decorate your home with these but don't wait for a holiday, you can brighten any day with these gorgeous beauties!  If you are like me and really don't have the extra time to care for a delicate arrangement then lilies are perfect for you.  These bulbed flowers are very easy to care for.     
And after the blooms are gone, the bulbs can be transplanted into a new container or  taken outside to be planted in your flower beds or garden.  They can be enjoyed year after year reminding you of that special someone or  that special occasion when you first received them. 
I have only shared with you a few examples of just how these lilies  irises, gladiolus and calia lilies can be displayed and enjoyed.   Please visit this Pinterst Page for more inspiration for  these gorgeous bulbed flowers.  

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  1. Lilies are my favorite flower! Absolutely beautiful flowers!

  2. Very beautiful flowers!
    Greetings from Bulgaria!!!

  3. Lilies are indeed so beautiful!
    Have a good day!

  4. Those are really beautiful flowers!

  5. They are just eye-popping gorgeous!

  6. These are so cute!! I need to get more into flowers. They really make a house feel more like a home. My mother would love to get these on holidays! Thanks for sharing.



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