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Patriotic Cocktails Recipes

20 Perfect Patriotic Cocktails with red white and blue layered drinks, blue cocktails, red drinks, and other red white and blue mixed drinks recipes.   And we hope you find several patriotic cocktails to enjoy on the 4th of July! 


Patriotic cocktails, red white and blue layered drinks, red drinks, blue cocktails, blue mixed drinks


Don’t you think it’s always fun to celebrate our Nation’s birthday with Patriotic Cocktails?   Are you like us and dream about sitting outside enjoying fireworks and enjoying gorgeous summer drinks.    Well, we do and it’s always more fun to have festive patriotic cocktails or any red white and blue mixed drinks.   


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patriotic cocktails, red White and Blue


We love going all out for the Fourth of July.  It’s time for fireworks, summer picnics and all out celebration to praise this amazing country.  We are so blessed to be Americans and to live in this great country.


What to serve for the Fourth along with some of these patriotic cocktails


Other Red White and Blue recipes: 

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Patriotic Cocktails

We hope you enjoy this list of Red Cocktails, Blue Cocktails and also some amazing Red White and Blue Layered Cocktails

What are your favorite Patriotic Cocktails?