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Top 10 of the Best Hatch Green Chile Recipes

Hatch Green Chile Recipes are absolutely our favorite recipe collection here at the ranch.  We have some kind of Mexican food several times a week and most of our Mexican food recipes contain Hatch Green Chiles.


hatch green chile


In the Mesilla Valley in New Mexico from August thru September is  Hatch Green Chile season.  The entire valley smells like roasting chile.  In front of Walmart, just about every grocery store and at the farmers market are these commercial chile roasters.  And this is the best  time to buy freshly roasted green chile.   We would buy a 40 lb bag and then watch while they dumped all of them into one of these roasters.  The fire would be lite and as the caged drum rotated, the line of flame would sear the chiles.    After the chiles were sufficiently roasted, the flame was extinguished and the roasted chile would be placed in a bag.


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Every year we would purchase our big bag of roasted chile and then separate them into smaller freezer bags and stock our freezer with fresh roasted Hatch Green Chiles.   These chiles would be used in our favorite Hatch Green Chile Recipes all year.


And despite some opinions, Hatch Green Chiles can be hot, very hot but of course one can buy them mild.  One of my favorite dishes to eat when we visit the Mesilla Valley is Chile Rellenos, and I like them hot and spicy.    It’s a delicious plate of battered fried spicy green chiles that are covered in a cheese sauce with all the usual fixings.     I haven’t been able to duplicate it exactly but we are working on it and will add it here as soon as we are happy with it.    So if you love Mexican food recipes, this is a great place to start.

Other Mexican Food Recipes:


To Roast Green Chile at Home:

Also, green chile can be purchased fresh and roasted at home.   Heat a comal or flat pancake pan on medium-high heat.  Lay several WHOLE green chiles with the stems intact on the hot pan and turn the chiles often until the skins are blackened.  Also, a bacon press can be used to flatten them down so the entire chile is blackened.   The skin should peel pretty easy if all of it is roasted.   Peel off the blackened skin prior to use in recipes.  We don’t like to peel them under running water because I feel some of the flavors are lost.   Then chop off the steam and dispose of it.   The entire green chile then can be chopped for recipes or served whole. 

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Top 10 of the Best Hatch Green Chile Recipes

Hatch Green Chile Recipes