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Monday, May 26, 2014

Clay's Apple Seasoned Grilled Ribs

My son is one of these men that is all man!! (hard for me to say man, he is still my little boy even if he is  6' 3") 
You know the kind, the ones that beat their chest around the grill!! The ones that prides themselves on their manly skills with fire!!   Yep, he is one of those and I am so glad he is because what he and that grill produces is just amazing!!   
See these ribs!!  Told ya!! 

I was lucky enough to corner him to write down exactly how he produced these babies!!  

Clay's Apple Seasoned Grilled Ribs

  • 2 to 3 racks of ribs ("to your BBQ Comfort")
  • Emeril's Essence, 1 tablespoon per slab
  • McCormick Grill Mates Rub, Applewood
  • 1-2 bottles of Redds Apple Ale or Apple Juice
  • Your favorite BBQ Sauce
1. Rub ribs with McComick Grill Mates Applewood Rub, be generous as some will simply fall off/burn off. Then flip ribs and coat bottom as well and lightly season with Emeril's Essence.
2. Preheat grill to 375-400 degrees F. Place ribs on grill and sear ribs for about 15 minutes on each side until you see nice char marks on both.
3. Pull Ribs from fire and place on foil sheets, overlapped (be generous) to form a water-tight bowl. Pour 1 bottle of Redd's Apple Ale (or the Apple Juice) over the ribs. It should puddle at the bottom. Place more foil over the top and roll ends tightly together sealing them to make a cocoon.
4. Place ribs back on grill and let steam at 400 degrees F for 45 minutes.
Remove from the grill and the foil cocoon.
5. Leave ribs in cocoon after opening top foil cover, and apply a generous amount of your favorite BBQ sauce over the still-hot ribs.
6. Place foil cover over ribs again and allow the radiant heat to spread the BBQ sauce over ribs for a few minutes (with some brushing, if needed).
7. After ribs are sufficiently covered in BBQ sauce, cut 'em up, and shove 'em in! (quote Clay)
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  1. OMG, I want some right now. They look so delicious yumyum. One of my favorite meats, yes BBQ ribs. When I used to travel for work I would find the best rib restaurant in town and try them out. Of course there is nothing better than home cooked ribs. One restaurant that I found in Chicago was Houston's, the ribs were so tender that they would fall off. The have Houston's in a lot of big cities, but I would be will to bet not as good as your sons. I am coping the recipe for my son the BBQ'er. - thanks so much.
    Enjoy those ribs.

  2. WOWOWOWOW! Those look FANTASTIC!!! I love ribs so much!

  3. Hi Evelyn,

    That is for sure delicious just from the looks of it. My family love ribs and your recipe sounds easy to do. Pinning it friend :)

    Nice to see Everylyn. I haven't been Blog hopping lately and oh boy! I missed a lot.


  4. Yum! They look delicious Evelyn. Thanks for sharing. :) xo

  5. Elijah loves ribs ... and he's been bugging me to make some! These sound perfect! :)

  6. Perfectly grilled ribs Evelyn very well done to your boy!

  7. These look amazing, Clay has it going on!!!

  8. Wow does this look amazing! I found your delicious recipe over at the Treasure Box Tuesday link party. I host Tickle My Tastebuds Tuesday and would love it if you linked up this recipe. I’m sure our party goers would love it as much as I do. Here is the link Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Cut 'em up and shove 'em in...well I am very good at following directions!
    I got my husband a new grill for Father's Day. Have a feeling we will be making these ribs.
    Thanks, Evelyn and Clay!

  10. These look wonderful! I love ribs. Thanks for sharing with Foodie Friends Friday.

  11. OH YUM!!!! These looks wonderful! Pinning!

  12. Now you have made me hungry ! Looks amazing, Evelyn !


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