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Monday, October 31, 2016

9 of the Best Overnight Breakfast Casseroles

I'm sure you have noticed the increase pace of your day and you, like me, have arrived at the realization that the holidays are fast approaching, very fast approaching.  

This is the busiest time of the year for most people and we are all trying to squeeze the most pleasure out of each and every day, and along with all this, comes stress.  

 Oh, how I have a love/hate relationship with stress, I know it's does get me moving since I do well with deadlines but stress is really not a fun friend to have.  

I know most of you feel the same way, we all want to have those perfect holidays but we don't wish to drive ourselves and our family insane to achieve them.   

We make lists, we plan, plan and plan some more to fit everything in, but above all we want to enjoy the holidays.  

I mean we want to enjoy each and every minute, to have that extra cup of coffee with mom or to enjoy a Christmas movie with your children, without glancing at your watch gauging how much you could or should be accomplishing.

 I'm looking for ways to achieve all those expectations for me and my family and I want the most bang for my buck.  I'm not just talking about money here, folks, I'm talking about something more precious, "time".  
We love having overnight guests here at the Ranch and we always want to be great hosts exceeding our family's and friend's expectations.   And part of the experience of the holidays or the overnight visit is the food.  

We associate great times with great food or dishes, it's not just fuel, it's entertainment in our home. But we do not wish to spend the entire visit in the kitchen cooking, we want to spend that precious time with our loved ones. 

We have discovered the best way to have those extra minutes with your overnight guests or more time to enjoy gifts on Christmas morning is to have breakfast already prepared before you wake up.  

I know, Betty Crocker doesn't come to my house in the middle of the night either.   But you really don't need Betty Crocker when you have a few little extra tricks up your sleeve such as 9 of the best overnight Breakfast Casseroles.   

Yes, whip these babies up the night before, put them in the fridge for a easy breakfast the next day.  That way you can have that extra cup of coffee with your overnight guests the next morning and really make the most out of this crazy season.    


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