My Turn for us: The Big Truck
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Big Truck

Our Big Truck! 
  This is the truck that will pull our fifth wheel in our big adventure.  
My fellow decided to buy something that would take us up any mountain or down any mountain without the added stress of worrying about power.  He did!  
 I love this truck! 
  Since we are unable to leave on our travels anytime soon, sometimes we just go and sit in it. 
 He has installed an awesome sound system and I have been downloading our favorite tunes on a zip drive.  
 So we just sit in it and have an adult beverage and listen to tunes and plan our adventures. 
 Other times we just go cruising and plan our adventures.  

Our responsibilities are holding us back at this time but we are ever so much closer than we were a year ago and we will be so much closer in 6 months.  

 Meanwhile I just so love looking at our Big Truck!