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Slim fast results in 2 weeks with a Slimfast 321 Plan

A slimfast 321 plan for Slim fast results in 2 weeks to lose up to 6 pounds. Use various slim fast products such as slim fast bars and shakes.     
 Slim fast results in 2 weeks
A little over a year ago I lost 20 pounds in 3 months by diet and exercise.    I was and am very proud of myself, but due to life getting in the way of plans (yes, that’s my excuse, Life), I have found a few of those pounds.  And they have settled back very comfortably on my hips.  I need a quick weight loss solution.
My son will be getting married in just over a month and of course pictures will be taken.  Yikes!  Panic has set in and I need some help fast.   Help has arrived with these Slim fast Bars and Shakes. 
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These bars and shakes are part of the Slim fast 14-day Slim down.  Obtain great Slim fast results in 2 weeks where you could lose up to 6 pounds.   It is a delicious and convenient way to lose those pesky pounds.   Perfect for me!   And I know from experience that you must have a plan and you must be prepared to succeed.   This plan is easy to follow.

Slim fast results in 2 weeks:

  • You replace two meals a day with a Slim fast protein shake or Meal bar
  • Eat a 500 calorie third meal
  • Enjoy 3- 100 calorie snacks or fruit each day
  •  Eat 1200 calories a day (no more)
  • Light to medium exercise 30 minutes each day
  • Drink plenty of water


This slimfast 321 plan is easy to remember and follow   

Slim Fast 3-2-1 plan
But just in case, it’s on the side of the box.   These Slim fast bars and Shakes are so convenient and they can be ordered online. 

Also use the slimfast 321 plan with Slim Fast Keto Products:


One of the most important parts of following a diet plan is to be prepared at all times.   Snack urges or hunger can case havoc on a well thought out plan.  So I always make sure I have a snacks handy  and these little Slim fast bars fit conveniently into my daily routine. 

Slimfast Slim Down
 I can drop them in my purse!
Slim fast snacjs
I can pop them in my jeans pocket!
Diet Snack basket
Or just keep them in a basket on the counter for handy snacking.    Now that I have a plan to obtain my slim fast results in 2 weeks.    And I am prepared and I have all this support, I know I can succeed.

Other Tips and Helps for Weight Loss:


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Cheryl @

Tuesday 29th of July 2014

This sounds good, but how are the Slim Fast products for diabetics? Any info on that? Thanks.

Emily Thompson

Monday 28th of July 2014

I love slimfast products and these new bars were yummy!!!