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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


While we do have numerous major tasks on our lists, it is so much fun to take our time.  After we wake up each day, we kinda decide what we wish to do for the day.  But Yes, sometimes, like everyone else in this world we don't have a choice.  Chores must be accomplished but its fun to know that we don't have a deadline for this.  We still don't have our sleeping schedules synchronised yet.  My fellow can't go to sleep at night (too many shift changes over the years) and I can't stay up past 8pm and I can't stop waking up at 4am each day.  (He caught me crocheting at 4:30 this morning!)
It is so fun after so many years in the harness to go to town for xyz and end up checking out what new movies are showing.   I laughed today because ever since my fellow has retired, he seems to have "play dates" constantly.  Lol   It seems like every other day, someone is stopping by to work on a project of theirs or he is traveling to some one's house to work on their project.  I do believe he has earned this!  He has always put his job and his family first and it's nice for me to watch him do exactly what he pleases each day. And I always have something I either wish or need to do so I am good with it.  I know it is important after the children have left home and after one retires, we continue to have free time.  We are independent individuals and both are interested in certain projects that doesn't really include the other (by choice of the other, lol).   And I am a believer in absence make the heart grow fonder.   Maybe one of the many reasons we have such a secure marriage and are such good friends, we have had to fight for date time through the years.  I always laugh and tell people that I enjoy hearing him snore because he or I have worked so many nights and we have spent many nights alone.  So when I  hear him snore, I know hes with me exactly where we both know we  belong.  After 32 years of marriage, I don't wish for us to get bored of each other, so we have decided to make sure we continue to have our personal time.

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  1. I love this. As a recent retiree myself, I am basking in the glory of actually having time to wander. My husband is still working, but I'm enjoying time to make his dinner, iron his shirts and garden, knit, paint.....

    I'm your newest Linky follower - thanks for coming over to my blog.


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