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Cedar Planked Pork Loin

I have been wishing to make a Cedar Planked Pork Loin for a couple years now but have not been brave enough to try it.

  I love the Cedar Planked Salmon and I  would always read and reread the recipe for  Cedar Planked Pork Loin and then put it away and grab the salmon.
I finally dived in and bought a couple of nice pork loins, soaked my cedar planks and lit the grill.  
Oh my gosh,  it was totally  worth the wait!  The pork loin came out perfectly cooked  with just a touch of smoke flavor.  I served it with my awesome mango salsa, couscous and grilled asparagus. 
 Of course I timed the experiment when we were with family and  I was concerned at first.   What was I thinking, trying something new with no safety net and a hungry crowd.  But it worked and it was amazing.  

Cedar Planked Pork Loin

1-2 1/2 lb Pork Loin
1/2 cup Teriyaki Sauce
1 untreated cedar plank
olive oil
Start by soaking the cedar plank overnight.  Completely submerge the cedar plank in water, place a weight (heavy can) on top to keep it submerged.   Place the pork loin in a gallon size plastic bag and pour in the teriyaki sauce.  Place in fridge to marinade at least 4 hours.
 Heat outside grill to med heat.  Remove plank from water and brush  a small amount of olive oil on one side of the plank.  Place meat on oiled side of the plank and carefully place both on grill and close the lid.  I kept a close watch on the pork using a spray bottle of water to spray down any flare ups which did indeed happen several times.  Close lid and cook for about 1 hour until internal temperature reaches 150 degrees F.   Remove from grill, cover and let rest for 10-15 minutes. Throw away the cedar plank.
 Serve with Mango Salsa:)

Mango Salsa

1 Mango, diced
1/4 cup red onion. chopped
1 jalapeno, chopped (I used 2)
1/4 cup red bell pepper
1 clove garlic, finely minced
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
salt to taste

Combine all ingredients, cover and chill in fridge.

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Thursday 3rd of January 2013

thanks for sharing.


Monday 23rd of July 2012

YUM! I don't normally eat pork, but I would have to try this anyway. The mango salsa sounds good too, I make one with mango, strawberries, lemon juice, honey and parsley. Mango is so versatile, isn't it?


Wednesday 30th of May 2012

This looks so good. I love grilled pork but have never tried it on a cedar plank. I will be trying this!


Friday 25th of May 2012

Evelyn, This looks great! Especially now that summer is here we need some new grill meal ideas.


Friday 25th of May 2012

I've only done the cedar planked salmon. This sounds even better!


Sunday 27th of May 2012

Yes, the pork loin on cedar planks is awesome and especially if you nail it! Lol Thanks for stopping by.