My Turn for us: Our Goose
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Goose

Foxy and the Goose

As I may have mentioned before, we have a little farm.   In the past we bred and raised Boer Goats for FFA and 4-H events since our son was very involved in local livestock shows and state fairs. 

   We also had a few head of cattle and always chickens and ducks.  Since our plan is to sell out and travel full time we have sold off most of the livestock and we just have our Border Collies left, except for the Goose. 

 Oh yes, our Goose, she is the last of all the fowl we have raised over the years.   We have felt sorry for her since the other Geese have died off but she seems content to just hang out with us when we let her out of her pen.  I have to keep her in a pen since our Border Collies never decide to get off work, they would never ever stop herding her if we allowed it.   She is kept in one of the pens that we kept mama and baby goats in at one time, this protects her from wildlife and from being herded to death by our over zealous Border Collies. (not to worry, her pen is huge and has an outside area and a barn, she lives very well). 

I believe Border Collies are the smartest dogs I have ever been around and if fact our eldest dog, Foxy is the smartest dog of all.  In the past  she has single handed (or really four footed) ran out to the far end of the field and brought 30-35 head of goats straight to me and penned them on command.   She loves to work and cannot stop. I can be sitting in the living room and just mention I need to feed the Goose and Foxy jumps up and runs to the door to help. 

 I laugh because when our Goose is in the pen all four of the Border Collies are either lying staring at her all day or pacing back and forth outside her pen dreaming of herding.   She doesn't seem to mind since they have done this her entire life and just maybe she enjoys the companionship.  
At one time we thought about taking her to the local college pond to join all the other fowl that have made that their home.  I am sure they are left overs from students 4-H and FFA projects.  I wasn't sure if the college would welcome another goose so we talked about just driving by and quickly releasing her to join the others.  Would that be a "Drive by Goosing"? LOL  But our son was horrified that if we did that the other Geese would pick on her and maybe that is not as a serene environment that she is used to.

  So she is still hanging out with us and her Border Collie audience.

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