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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Eats:)

Are you hungry?

How about this.

No I am not sharing a recipe to make this, I am sharing where to go have it served to you, Oh Yes!!

Deep in the heart of Texas, there is an awesome small town called Fredericksburg.  It is just down the road from Luckenbach  (about 13 miles) 

Remember that awesome song by Waylon Jennings
 "Luckenbach, Texas, Back to the Basics of Love"?
 The only two things in life that make it worth livin'
Is guitars that tune good and firm feelin' women
I don't need my name in the marquee lights
I got my song and I got you with me tonight
Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas
With Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin'
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys
Between Hank Williams' pain songs and
Newberry's train songs and Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain
Out in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain

So baby, let's sell your diamond ring
Buy some boots and faded jeans and go away
This coat and tie is choking me
In your high society you cry all day
We've been so busy keepin' up with the Jones
Four car garage and we're still building on
Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love

Another one of my favorites (why do I love songs that always have a couple running away from it all? hehehe)  Such as my Fellows ringtone. (Big City by Merle Haggard)

One of these days, my Fellow and I will make a break and write our own song as we get away from it all:)

OK, now where was I?   
Oh yes, we are all hungry and are in Fredericksburg, Texas.
This is just an amazing area and has the most awesome shops and restaurants and is rich in German history. 

 For Visitor information click Visitors Guide
 and for all you history buffs check this out by clicking History of Fredericksburg
 This lovely place is my favorite German eatery of all time:)

Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grill
Authentic German and Texcelctic Cusine

This gorgeous tree is a bois d'arc tree.  It shades the entire patio which is located on the front of the eatery.  You can just sit and drink great German Beer and watch the people walk by on the sidewalk.  

Sometimes if you are lucky there is live music (yes we had an awesome guitar player that serenaded us as we ate lunch:)  We tried a few of the German Beers and of course I ate all of the German Pepperwurst Sandwich (aka Hot Dog)  that I teased you with in the first photograph and did you notice the homemade sauerkraut?

We tried several German beers such as:

1. Optimator Bouble Bock-Dark
2. Franziskaner Hefeweiss-light w/orange
3. New Belgium Sunshine wheat

All three were awesome:)  And our little waitress was so helpful in helping us select them.  She even took our picture:)  What a great kid!! (yes everyone under 30 is a kid and soon it will be everyone under 40, LOL)  

We are so awesome together:)  I love being retired with my sweetie:)

These are our views as we were enjoying our visit.

And of course I asked my sweetie to take my picture. How funny I didn't set down my beer for the great photo opp:)  Lol

So chart your voyage and as soon as you can, visit this awesome place in the Heart of the Great State of Texas,
Fredericksburg, Texas!

Coming soon, more pictures and information of the 
Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg:)

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  1. Fredericksburg IS awesome! I have not been to that particular restaurant, will have to try it next time we go through there. And yes, anyone under thirty is a kid, lol.

  2. This looks so fun, I wish I could go there! This post would be great for my link-up today, come check it out!
    Wanderlust Wednesdays

    1. Thank you SO much for linking up to my blog today, you are the greatest! Come back again and share more, same time and same place. I can't wait to see more of your adventures. Have fun! :)
      Tales of the Younger Twin

  3. Now that looks like a good day out! So nice that you did enjoy yourselves:)
    Thanks for you sweet words on my blog, hopefully the weather treats you kindly with the temperatures!

  4. We just went to Fredericksburg for vacation (to climb Enchanted Rock)! We also went to New Braunfels and San Antonio on that trip. I had THE BEST spice rum filled chocolate in Fredericksburg. I'm sorry we didn't stop at the Silver Creek Beer Garden. Will have to remember next time (planning to do it all over again next year).

  5. Awe.. I'm still a kid huh? Sweet. That places looks amazing and I'm a sucker for a patio. I hope I can visit there someday.

  6. I love a good Hefe and the New Belgium Sunshine Wheat is one of my favorite summer beers. What a cute and quaint little town Evelyn. Mr B is half German and he would just love visiting. Thanks for taking us on the tour with you! And thanks so much for sharing this at the party this week! I've featured this post over on my Facebook page ♥

  7. Had to look at the visitor's guide to remember the name but Friedhelms Bavarian Inn is where we usually eat in Fredericksburg.

  8. Evelyn! You were in my neck of the woods! I grew up about 42 miles from Freddieburg. {lol how one of my friends says it.} Beautiful German town!
    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  9. I have been to Wildseed Farm, but never really explored the town. Nest time I have a chance to visit there, I sure will!

  10. awesome place, I would love to visit. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making xo

  11. I love those kind of places ... It's almost like an escape to another time and place! I'm not a kid ... but almost :o) LOL

    1. Thanks for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends last week! I can't wait to see what you share tomorrow! :)

  12. Awesome pictures Evelyn. Definitely great places to visit. I am feeling so hungry now!:) I would enjoy that hot dog! It is a good thing it will soon be supper time.

  13. That song takes me back to my favorite time for country music; love that song! Reminds me of my junior year in high school and lots of fun moments. What a great spot you found to enjoy a meal and people watch in the shade. Sounds like a great escape!

  14. Looks like a fun trip. Thanks for joining the party at One Creative Weekend! I hope you have a great weekend.

  15. Looks like you guys had a great time! I think Spaten Optimator is one of my favorite German beers. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  16. Sounds like you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party!

  17. I am inviting you to come and share this in my Show Your Stuff blog hop:

  18. That looks like a amazing place! I really enjoyed this post. As soon as you mentioned Luckenbach that song popped into my head. Have a great weekend!

  19. Wish I lived closer. :D This looks delish and FUN! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Well now after reading this I could eat a hot dog ( THAT ONE ! ) for my Sunday breakfast! :)

    1. Oh yes, I could eat that for my Sunday Breakfast also:) hehehe. Just mapquest and maybe if its too far for this week then be there for next week's Sunday Breakfast:)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  21. I always enjoy your posts and I think mostly because you and your sweetie remind me of me and mine. Isn't it wonderful to have someone you like it share all the fun with? Not everyone is as lucky as we are! Happy Sunday!

    1. Yes, I thank God every day that I am still in love with my best friend and he feels totally the same. Yes, we are blessed.

  22. Hello.
    Visiting from Serenity Saturday.

    Looks like a fun trip. Nice photos too! Thanks for sharing.

    Moonlight Serenade

  23. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday hop xo

  24. Looks like such a fun place. I would love to sit there and chow down a brat with homemade sauerkraut. Love the pic of the two of you. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. That looks like a great place, yes you do seem to have fun with your life! That hotdog looks awesome! Thanks for linking at Say It Saturday.

  26. Oh WOW!! That hot-dog looked FABULOUS!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  27. Looks like so much fun!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tasty Thursdays on The Mandatory Mooch. I hope you will link up again. The party will be live tonight.

    Thanks, Nichi

  28. Thank you for sharing at Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week to link up again! Have a great weekend!


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