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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Over 21 of the Best Football Party Food Recipes

We will gladly admit the best guest at any Football game day celebration are the overloaded platters pilled high with snacks and appetizers. 
Chicken Wings, Nachos, Potato Skins and cheesy dips with chips are synonymous with tailgating parties and big football game parties. 

Tailgating and game day celebration recipes

We know you are tired of searching cookbook after cookbook for football inspired recipes or worn out from combing the web looking for something different, something easy but something that will impress your guests.     

It's a fact that I threw football parties years ago not because I enjoyed watching the game but because I liked hosting theme parties.

And one of the funniest themed parties is a tailgating party, where bottles of beverages are covered with ice in ice chests or washtubs.   Where someone has meat grilling on a smoking BBQ pit.   Where bags of chips are lined up with a choice of dips.   

We are happy today to bring you a starting lineup of some of our all-time favorite appetizers, snacks and tailgating recipes for any party.   

Even if our favorite team doesn't make it to the playoffs we still enjoy throwing a super party with our favorite friends for the big game.   

We have gathered together a collection of some of our favorite appetizers and snacks to really rock your tailgating party or for any weekend you wish to curl up and enjoy a great day of football.   

And don't forget to get your Football Party Decorations  Or these Serving Platters and Dishes 

grilled steak

avocado recipe

BBQ recipes

How to grill piza

Part of throwing a fun football party is serving your snacks in platters that will impress your guests or just make your experience more enjoyable.  
Here are a few of our favorites from Amazon: 

Appetizers, snacks and Football themed food recipes

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